• Share Your Pride

    Share Your Pride

    Show all your friends that you're the proud of owner of a Newfoundland Dog. They could probably have guessed because of the hair and slobber on you but still... support our rescue with a shirt!

  • Free Days with George

    Free Days with George

    Free Days with George is an uplifting and inspirational story about how “man’s best friend” becomes a man’s best friend - leaving sadness in the past to embrace love, hope and happiness. The star in this heartwarming book was adopted from Newf Friends! Available for purchase in our store.

Welcome to our store!

If you love Newfs or Newf stuff or just want to support rescue dogs, ... step right in, you've found the right place! Our store is full of unique products that are sure to delight Newf lovers everywhere. You won't see these items anywhere else; all art was custom designed for our Newfoundland rescue group, Newf Friends and this is the only place they are available for purchase. Don't delay... when they're gone, they're gone! And remember, each and every purchase helps Newfoundland dogs in need; your support is truly appreciated.

Shipping is Included!

All prices throughout store have the shipping already included. The price you see is the price you pay at checkout. No extra shipping cost or tax. Easy-peazy!

Who We Are

Newf Friends is a non-profit organization committed to helping abused and abandoned Newfoundland dogs find happy loving homes. Since 2007, our network of foster families have evaluated and rescued over 250 Newfs, restored their health, and used a "best match" philosophy to find forever homes for our friends.

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